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Production management "YARLOKS" (Yale persons) high-end casual leather shoes and give names known to the world's Association into the shoes Co., Ltd, located in the beautiful Pearl River Delta - Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, the company's production base covers an area of a more than 10,000 square meters, has a high level of R & D Center, complete product portfolio, first-class production equipment, the annual production of 500,000 pairs of high-grade leather shoes, products are exported to more ...

19th century Europe, the refined luxury of aristocratic life as the feudal system declined in. In the dress culture, people eager to get rid of strict social hierarchy constraints, but more comfortable and full of longing for the natural character of life. Thus, uniform suits have been thrown away, a new leisure culture came into being. 1896, yaroks born in Spain. It is a bold break with traditional hand-fitted shoes are the usual image of the wave of integration into the casual elegance of this unique nation, with the nature of, a Spanish-style, full of noble leisure footwear styles are produced.

Historical and cultural accumulation bearing, absorption and utilization of science and technology development results, yarloks formed its own unique brand concept: promoting traditional and modern harmony, respect for the perfect combination of comfort and fashion, and from the initial small workshop to become an internationally renowned well-known brands to get into Europe and the United States more than ten countries and regions.

Carrying a century leisure habits, yarloks into China has been 15 years, more than 130 stores / counters in more than 30 major cities, to bring you authentic traditional European experience.

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