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Group consists of Mr. Dante Trussardi Trussardi in 1911 founded the Italian province of Bergamo. Young entrepreneurs aim was manufactured and sold high-end global glove. With its innovative leather processing technology and advanced materials carefully selected, the company quickly expanded and soon products have been exported to the world. Trussardi brand quickly became an elegant first-class quality and taste of the generation of lifting words Nicola Trussardi in the late 60's joined the group began to push the company into the high-end equipment and accessories in the field of prion. In 1973, he founded the Greyhounds logo is the brand with creative and original concepts of the fashion industry than anyone else. Greyhounds have a long history always gives an elegant, dynamic and agile the impression that it is representative of the Trussardi brand style, brand philosophy is vividly demonstrated: low-key mature, elegant and selection of innovation on the break. Nicola Trussardi leather processing based on traditional experience, began to design and produce the eventual establishment of a new accessory product line - including luggage, handbags, small leather goods and leather jacket, now is the core product line Trussardi generations. Trussardi in 1976, the first boutique opened in Milan's Via Sant'Andrea. Since the 80, Trussardi truly become a star in the Italian fashion industry, in 1983 to show the world her first women's show, then in 1984 launched the first men's show. At the same time, Trussardi began to expand her product area, from Trussardi Jeans to the glasses, perfume, home decor, children's clothing line, until 2005, launched the Tru Trussardi leisure series. Group starting in the 90 expansion of globalization, and major cities in the world set up shop, while continuing to strengthen the brand has entered the early years and great success in the Japanese market. Palazzo Trussardi Alla Scala, built in the 19th century is located in Milan's Piazza della Scala was suspended six floors Plaza building, renovated in 1996, after the official opening of a new, become a symbol of culture and lifestyle brands. It is the only group headquarters and showroom is located, Trussardi Alla Scala cafe and prestigious Trussardi Alla Scala restaurants are located here. Trussardi Group gradually since 1996 active in the world of modern art scene. Nicola Trussardi Foundation for Contemporary Art opened in 1999 after an arts center into operation, from the Italian and the world's most important private modern art organizations. Since 2003, the Foundation actively committed to providing the public with more opportunities for contact with modern art in Milan has been abandoned, many historical sites and landmarks to be held in a variety of large-scale activities to promote international artists - Nicola Trussardi Foundation for Contemporary Art Milan's daily life into modern art. Even today, the Group remains a family business feel, from the family's fourth generation of the two members: Beatrice Trussardi, as the Group's Chairman and CEO, and Nicola Trussardi Foundation for Contemporary Art, chairman; Gaia Trussardi is a brand chief designer and creative director. Beatrice Trussardi successful entrepreneurship and management of modern combination of rigorous in her leadership, the Group strengthened its international market position, expand its huge potential for growth and expansion in emerging markets: Russia, China, India and the Middle East, At the same time continue to build the brand in Europe and Japanese market leadership. Francesco Trussardi in 2000, introduced by the Group's core business, increase investment strategy consistent with the current Group encompasses all areas of the high-end fashion, while 100% of high-grade leather in Italy has always been the primary products group.

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