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TALLY WEIJL located in the 15-25 year old young girl costumes, but its style has less and domestic Shu completely different equipment, it emphasizes TOTALLY SEXY, highlights the character of the city girls wearing bold and wild. Price slightly lower than the same grade of other brands such as H & M. Tali Elsevier (Shanghai) Ltd., Tally Weijl from Europe and boasted a bold and open, bringing witty and charming, from the inside of the distribution of charming femininity. Clothing style positioning: sexy but fun! Implication: sexy fun style! TALLY WeiJL as a multi-national fashion group, has over 1,200 employees, its nearly 500 stores located in 30 countries and regions. Company founded in 1984 by Tally Elfassi-Weijl and Beat Grüring established the first store in 1987 in Fribourg, Switzerland, opened. Headquartered in Switzerland, Basel, Switzerland, Zofingen and Germany in the global distribution centers, design centers are located in the fashion world of Paris Marais Quarter. TALLY WeiJL 2008 entered the Chinese mainland market, the main target customers in the 18-28 years old, is confident, enthusiastic, open, bold young women design, fun and sexy clothing style position (sexy but fun!). TALLY WeiJL quick capture from New York, Tokyo, Paris, fashion trends, design series well suited for travel, parties, evening entertainment and so on, represent the relaxed and vibrant fashion way, lively and happy attitude to life, abundant energy of the state, aloof temptation, timely sense of humor. To be fun sexy attitude and lifestyle. TALLY WeiJL to women regardless of when, where, have become the focus of attention. TALLY WeiJL working for the Chinese women create sexy, unique dress style fashion sexy in ensuring the design, impeccable quality and at the same time, through strict cost control to ensure the price is reasonable.

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