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Chinese brand name, "Shabo Di O", directly transliterated as "SOB DEALL", officially naming the brand. Excellent texture to both business and leisure style, successfully captured the hearts of consumers, resulting in a shortage of hot grand occasion. Italian imports of raw leather to take the top production, coupled with the first level of sewing techniques. Today SOB DEALL created position in the leather goods boutique.

SOB DEALL woven leather accessories boutique in Taiwan

Design and manufacturing headquarters is located in Changhua, Taiwan Niitsu,

Shabo Di O SOB DEALL realize the spirit of enthusiasm for the brand, along the way, has stepped into the first 16 years, hold the roots in Taiwan's determination and belief, with a leather manufacturing expertise and resources to create a leading market style. Veer from the experience of OEM brand, continued to learn from the popular taste information, using carefully selected materials and textures of leather hardware, and to brave hope of the international famous excellent quality, service consumers to repay large leather love with the people.

Brand new, founder of Wei, when young, had engaged in leather design and manufacturing. After a partnership venture, wholly-owned OEM brands of baptism, a decade ago with the industry should be invited to the leather capital of Florence, the related technological exchanges. In the tradition of the local market, through the fine old master hand carved fine cut leather works presented, encounter very amazed with the classical tradition, resolutely top imported Italian leather. And through it a second thought, then has the Chinese transliteration of Australia and Shabo Di brand name for the SOB DEALL, officially naming the brand. Men's style was to be good at to develop the brand leather goods market. Excellent texture to the wind both business and leisure related products.

Along the way, the original leather products for more than 400 models, and the later development of the map series of leather goods, thereby enthusiastic response from the market.

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