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dear winter, i will always hate you
boring days are to be expected
Butterflies love the summer

The twentieth century after World War II, a man named Revell? Makaxini With young people to pursue the ideal of art, in 1948 came to the state of Brandenburg and Berlin, the city is very famous at the time the "Unter den Linden" won the National Opera to find a job that often gathered at the Opera was a lot of celebrities of music, literature, art, Revell? Makaxini often see their passion, style million kinds of image.

Later, with the Revell? Makaxini economic conditions improve, inspired by the artistic atmosphere nurtured the dream of his heart - looking forward to be a fashion designer. Revell? Makaxini grandfather was the German double-sided printed brocade tapestry factory workers, who has studied printing and dyeing, Revell? Makaxini grew up in an environment, arts and crafts produced by monasteries, with a strong textile interest, but the war so that his dream shattered.

Revell? Makaxini known by the Berlin State Opera and the Paris fashion designer intimate contact. He contacted Lelong, Robert entered. Pikai corporate learning. University of the Arts in 1950 to study in Paris. In 1960, Barron Sciacca in the fashion guru's encouragement, the Revell? Makaxini finally established the Rhine in Germany, clothing brand MARASNE (Maca Sydney). Revell? Maca Sydney has always stood for elegance and fashion, and men should drive, to pursue a career but also pay attention to life, products emphasize the modern and traditional, Eastern and Western cultures mastery, with a romantic baroque style, very enjoyable. Therefore, "MARCCASNE (Maca Sydney)," known as "rational aesthetic style" clothing, won the reputation gradually emerge on the world stage. After German reunification in 1990, Revell? Marka Hansen, Sydney was established in Germany, and actively develop international business and continue to broaden improve the brand line, has grown into an international classic brand. In 2000, MARASNE (Maca Sydney) in 26 countries worldwide amounted to more than 1,000 franchised stores.

In 2006, "MARCCASNE (Maca Sydney)" landed in China, began his stage roots in the East and the growth of fashion.

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