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Lei Chi History

"LEICI" brand was born in 1873, the Kingdom of Italy, the world's clothing, the founder (leici.jubo) Lei Chi. Zun Bo commitment of the Roman Empire and ancient civilization, blending the essence of Italian modern clothing, pay attention to individual interpretation of classical, popular in Europe and America quickly high society. High count yarn of pure natural fabrics, simple and fresh and hungry design, exquisite production of elegant, classic fashion design, clothing technology pure and harmonious, geometric shape like a straight, soft and comfortable wearing feel ---- have become a unique taste successful pursuit of quality men; try approaching fine to fine products to the consumer, and always carry out the meticulous concept.

Lei Chi Development

"LEICI" After nearly three years of development, from the brand of precipitation to the present period of rapid development, from southwestern China to the country, north and south of the river high in the minds of consumers place. Network throughout the Southwest, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other major cities, and has started in the northwest, northeast, Shandong, Shanxi, Fujian and other places to take root.

Now, with modern office operations, successful marketing experience and a high quality management and training system stores the composition, "LEICI" committed within two years the store expanded to two hundred more than the end of 2008 become the most well-known and most competitive men's brands.

Because Ray relaxation believe: the relentless pursuit of eternal life is the brand.

Lei Chi Culture Brand Name: "LEICI • Lei Chi" Brand manifesto: men, why men ---- Beijing Exhibition themes: first in the world

Brand Positioning: Advanced Fashion Casual Men

LEICI Official Website:

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