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Kong Shi-Long - Profile of a passion for dynamic, innovative and dedicated team to create quality clothing products and brand mission to build Hong Kong Shi Lung brand new era of dragon interpretation of fashion style. Fusion port city fashion style and the long and splendid dragon culture, Hong Kong Dragon costumes for the children of the dragon disabilities highlight fashion style. Kong Shi-Long brand men's mid-range price, stylish and full of urban flavor, with "Way of the Dragon, Once a Thief," the avant-garde style and spirit, is the fashion and leisure, the pursuit of wealth among men's style. "Hong Kong Shi-Long" products, including casual jackets, T-shirt, shirt, coat, down jackets, leisure suits, casual trousers, men's jewelry and other fine. Companies to adopt standardized operation and management chain, and quickly established a huge nationwide distribution network. Begin to implement the company is franchising strategy, the implementation of science and the unity of the stores standard operation, the reunification of marketing activities, quickly establish reliable, high-quality fashion brand. The new situation, the Hong Kong Dragon disabilities increased branding efforts, hire a popular star Leehom Wang as the Brand Ambassador, successful persons in Hong Kong Dragon brand operation will enter a new era of comprehensive development! Kong Shi-Long - Brand Hong Kong dragon costumes disabilities, from Hong Kong, the popularity of the mainland, carrying the Chinese dragon's are not old culture, picking up the blowing of the port city style, the Hong Kong dragon represents the modern atmosphere disabilities in the fusion of classical elegance to a solid the atmosphere and continue to exceed the brand connotation, seek a higher state then the world from Hong Kong to mainland China, the Chinese dragon has been supporting this tolerance, "Hong Shi Long" mental leap, listing the endless crisis, "Hong Shi Long," a men's clothing brand ideas, interpretation of human nature and the spirit of paired ultimate concern, as a bright star in the sky across the field of fashion, across the deepest heart of consumers, will always stand storied brands in the world elite.

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