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I want my thighs to speak your name, so softly only you can hear
I don't have a photo of my earrings, but they're flowers with colors that totally match my dress
Summer is calling
A jacket is hung on a fishing gut

Guangzhou Rui Hua Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and headquartered in enjoy the "Chinese Cowboy town" reputation of the New Town, Guangzhou City. Company is a production and development, marketing, management, promotion planning and customer service one of the enterprises. At present, Guangzhou Rui Hua Garment Co., Ltd. was established in the country 13 "B. TBOY" branch management organization responsible for store operations management. Now "B. TBOY" brand in the country already has more than 400 stores, all stores were unified image, unified management, unified training, uniform sales, unified service. "B. TBOY" brand franchise chain business to greater cohesion and scale. The company has a stable shelf life of its own production capacity, stylish product R & D, marketing, crack hard work and united management team and scientific and practical sales model. These are the "B. TBOY" smooth and stable development of the brand fortress. B. TBOY brand is steadily into success.
Brand image
A true interpretation of my character's clothing brands story, classic, character design; BT BOY to follow his childhood baseball memories, European and American fashion personality elements; create an international brand jeans BT BOY, BT BOY cowboy style shows warm pure; personality wearing a unique and very tasteful experience, through the courage to break, bold and innovative design concepts; advocate of modern men and women do not do trend followers, but to their own unique perspective to look at trends; to extract popular element, create your own character space; BT BOY cowboy is the aggregation of self-confidence and personality, where you can put aside the secular bondage, indulge fashion show and the wisdom of modern men and women.
Brand Overview
Brand: break tradition, individuality, classic style is eternal BT BOY idea. Design Concept: BT BOY's designers will be the trend with retro, individuality and the mainstream fashion and classic, simple and luxurious elements such as organically blend in with the tastes of consumers to bring unique and highly textured look.
Consumer groups: the mainstream of 18-35 years old, has a cultured, sensitive fashion urban youth, who individuality and lifestyle-oriented, the pursuit of comfortable and natural. Consumer Feature: like animation, R & B music, games, sports, electronic music, film, graffiti, blog, travel. Consumer personality: the pursuit of fashion, ideas of self, respect for personality, thirst for freedom. Brand Features: BT BOY designers in adhering to the rugged cowboy culture and unrestrained style, while making full use of embroidery, printing, hit cloth, dug bad design practices, coupled with a special washing process, reflecting the unique brand BT BOY , stylish, personalized cowboy culture. Portfolio: jeans, shirts, jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, accessories.

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